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Double Bunk Beds | Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Beds

Double bunk beds are highly effective and practical as they utilize very little space. With a double bunk bed, up to four people, probably your children, can sleep in a space that is reserved for a double bed. That is why these beds are ideal if you have up to four kids sharing a room or when your children have friends or guests over frequently. They are also more commonly known as quadruple sleeper bunk beds.

The double bunk bed is just perfect if you want to fit two double sized beds into a smaller room. This is a very practical and fashionable solution for guest rooms. When equipped with a trundle bed, the double bunk bed can comfortably house an entire mid-sized family.

In recent times, many parents are opting for wider beds for their children’s bedrooms. The reasoning behind this is that the additional space provides additional comfort regardless of how big or small the children may be. With this configuration, the risk of a child rolling off the bed is lower and the safety rails will ensure that this never happens on the upper bunk even though falling off the lower bunk isn’t any better.