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Pregnancy Pillow by Perfek Night – Extra Long Full Body Maternity Pillow Supports Back, Knees & Legs – U Shaped for Comfortable Side Sleeping. 100% Luxury Quality Cotton Cover (153 cm x 97 cm)

Pregnancy Pillow by Perfek Night – Extra Long Full Body Maternity Pillow Supports Back, Knees & Legs – U Shaped for Comfortable Side Sleeping. 100% Luxury Quality Cotton Cover (153 cm x 97 cm)
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Manufacturer Description

The Ultimate Maternity Pillow To Keep You Comfy During & After Your Pregnancy!

Getting a restful, good and comfortable night's sleep is vital for you and your baby's well-being.

A pregnancy / maternity pillow specially designed to provide customised full body support and ease common pregnancy related discomforts and pains will help expecting moms relax until fallen sleep and gain a peaceful rest.

Introducing The Pregnancy Pillow By Perfek Night!

Designed to follow the contours of your body, our maternity pillow gently keeps your body aligned and supports your head, neck, back, shoulders and baby bump while also accommodating your knees and legs with its long 5ft length.

The full body support, which our U shaped pillow offers, can help alleviate and prevent discomfort and pains associated with pregnancy and other ailments such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis and back pain and provide anyone with sleeping difficulties with a sound night's sleep.

Its innovative design allows for convenient versatile use and is perfect for after the baby arrives as it can fold into multiple positions for a comfortable nursing experience for you and your baby.

7+1 More Reasons Why This Maternity Pillow Is the Best Choice:

Sized at 153cm x 97cm (Length of 5ft) with extra-long midsection to support your legs Removable, machine washable luxury quality outer cover made of 100% cotton (233TC) Best grade non-allergenic hollow fibre (7d, AA) filling Customisable durable filling which doesn't lump or flatten Pillow covers which boast a side to side zipper mechanism Create multiple positions for optimal relaxation Long-term and comfortable use for the whole family Extra Pillow Covers available whenever you need

Product Features

PERFECT SIZE FOR FULL BODY SUPPORT - Our pregnancy pillow boasts a large size of 153cm x 97cm (Length of 5ft) and was specially designed to not only support your baby bump, shoulder, neck and back but also accommodate your knees and legs. The U shaped pillow is uniquely designed to follow the contours of your body and provide optimal full body support. SLEEP TIGHT PAIN FREE - The innovative design of our maternity pillow and support it provides reduces the need to use multiple pillows to achieve a restful and painless night's sleep. By fully supporting and aligning your body, it prevents and relieves discomfort and pains related to pregnancy, fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis and back pain then eases you into an uninterrupted sleep. HIGH QUALITY ENSURES LONG LASTING COMFORT - The filling of our full body pillow is specifically made of the best grade, non-allergenic hollow fibre (7d, AA) to ensure its durability and longevity. It doesn't lose shape after multiple uses by going flat or forming lumps and the inner cover, which holds the filling, features a zipper for you to easily remove as much as you want and customise for your comfort. ALL IN ONE PILLOW FOR VERSATILE USE - You can easily fold and form our wedge pillow and create multiple positions to comfortably relax in bed or on the sofa. Perfect for the whole family to use while watching TV, relaxing or reading. It's also perfect for your baby as you can use it as a nursing pillow. It cradles and supports both you and your baby while keeping your little one elevated and in a comfortable feeding position. HASSLE FREE CLEANING WITH REMOVABLE COVER - The soft outer cover of our U shaped pillow is made of premium quality 100% cotton of 233TC and is easily removable with the convenient side to side zipper. Highly durable and breathable, it's also machine washable at 30° to provide for a hassle free cleaning to keep your pillow fresh and clean.