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Shnuggle Modern Moses Basket


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Manufacturer Description

Shnuggle is a Modern Moses Basket DESIGNED BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS. A brand new kind of Moses basket for the modern parent, far safer, stronger and cleaner. Includes:- * Shnuggle Cream Cotton Waffle Dressing Set * Flexible Hypoallergenic Moses Basket * 100% Cotton handles * Luxury Basket Padding * Matching Coverlet * Mattress * Unique Locking Hood Made from a soft-touch, flexible polymer, the Shnuggle Moses Basket can be easily cleaned and re-used again and again. Traditional Maize & Wicker Moses Baskets can be very creaky which can wake both Parents and Baby, but the amazing Shnuggle basket is made from a 1-piece flexible moulding, which makes no noise! Up to 1-in-10 babies will form allergies during their infancy, and traditional Moses baskets offer an ideal home for dust-mites and bacteria. Shnuggle helps reduce these risks by using a material which is hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant. Shnuggle Hood & Lining are made from cotton materials which are breathable and wick moisture away from your baby. Shnuggle also features our unique patent pending "Hood Lock" mechanism to keep the hood in the up-position, which helps block light from waking your sleeping baby. The handles are made from 100% cotton, and can easily be moved out of reach of baby. Following the FSID guidelines, infants can suffocate or overheat in lose bedding. NEVER put a duvet into Shnuggle, it is recommended that your baby sleep on his back and preferably is wrapped with a swaddle blanket. Paediatricians recommend your baby sleeps in a cot or Moses Basket in the parent's room for the first 6 months. Shnuggle is perfect for this, taking up a little space, yet giving a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep. Only use a Shnuggle approved Moses basket stand.

Product Features

Unique hypo-allergenic, washable Moses Basket. Extremely safe & strong Beautiful Cream Cotton Waffle Dressing perfect Moses basket for a baby boy or girl. Safer basket construction, which repels dust mites and is safer for baby. 100% Cotton with ventilated base to ensure great airflow around your baby in the Moses Basket Fully Made and Tested in the exceeds requirements of BS EN 1466