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Strictly Beds and Bunks - Low Double Sleeper, 3ft Single

£181.77 £199.95

Strictly Beds and Bunks - Classic Bunk Bed, 3ft Single

£201.58 £219.95

Strictly Beds and Bunks - High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed, 4ft Double

£198.99 £213.99

3 Tier Triple Bunkbed - 2ft 6 Small Single Triple sleeper Bunk Bed - VERY STRONG BUNK - Contract Use - heavy duty use

£369.99 £399.95

Noa and Nani - Kent Triple Bed Bunk Bed - (White)

£199.95 £299.00

Strictly Beds and Bunks - Midi Sleeper Cabin Bed, 3ft Single

£154.99 £159.95

Mrsflatpack Lifestyle High Bed White M1400W

£170.00 £239.98

Flair Furnishings Flick Triple Bunk bed White

£489.99 £668.00

Strictly Beds and Bunks - Classic Bunk Bed, 4ft 6 Double

£228.99 £299.95

Strictly Beds and Bunks - Double + Single Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers, 4ft 6 Double + 2ft 6 Single

£258.99 £339.90

Strictly Beds and Bunks - Classic Bunk Bed, 4ft Double

£238.99 £299.95

Icarus Double Loft Bunkbed Loft Bunk Bed - Heavy Duty 4ft 6 Double wooden high sleeper bunkbed - CAN BE USED BY ADULTS

£200.99 £249.95

Strictly Beds and Bunks - High Sleeper Loft Bunk Bed, 3ft Single

£169.99 £199.95

Flintshire Furniture Dakota, Wood, White, Single

£589.00 £681.00

WICKEY Bunk Bed Crazy Ivy Play Bed for 2 Children Loft Bed with roof, Climbing Ladder and slatted Bed Base, Green-applegreen

£389.95 £439.95

Bunk Beds For Children And Adults From Bunk Beds Store

Bunk beds are a great sleeping solution for any small space and for larger families. There are so many different bunk beds to choose from that will help you utilize your small rooms and provide ample space for playing and storage.

When it comes to choosing the best bunk beds for your children, you have to answer a few basic questions first that will help you make the right decision and choose the perfect bunk bed for them.

  • Who will be using the bunk bed?
  • Will the bunk bed be shared with younger or older siblings?
  • Will you use the bunk bed for guests?
  • Do you want your child to utilize the bunk bed for years?
  • How big is the room?
  • Do you need a bunk bed with a desk?


If you are looking for bunk beds for younger kids, there are many wonderful options to consider. Today there are colorful bunk beds designed for boys and girls. Girls bunk beds usually come in shades of pinks, purples and white while boys bunk beds come in white, blue, multicolour and other colour options.

If you have a single child but want them to utilize their space for play, learning and sleeping, there are some great designed Cabin Bunk Beds that offer a cabin-like play area at the bottom of the bunk and a bunk bed at the top. This is great for toddlers and younger children who love to play. These play area beds can also help store and hide the toys or used as play areas with colourful cabin tents and tunnels.